Friday, 8 March 2013

Having fun?????

It has been a year of so many other things happening - other than creating jewellery. I love making jewellery. I really do. Or should I say I used to? I find it very hard to take that first step of moving myself out of the house and into the workshop. Once I am there I do enjoy it but I also have days where I will find excuses for leaving to do other things – even boring household chores! Why is this? I have been wondering about this for a long time. It has always been my dream to create jewellery, so why do I find excuses to do other things when the possibility to spend time creating is there? Is it my fear of not doing things perfectly? Or the fact that nothing is ever as easy as I have imagined? No, I actually think I have found out what it is. Because this did not use to be a problem for me. So what has changed? I think it all changed when I tried to build the jewellery creating into a business. And the thought process around the creating bit totally changed. It used to be a play with materials and shapes and just having FUN. But suddenly other things like what can I sell, who is my target group and what do they like, what is in fashion etc. came into consideration. It is more about productivity and what sells.
Can you see what was lost along the way? The having fun part. And having fun has a major impact on the creative process. It is time to get back to having fun!
So workshop… I come

To all you other creative people and small business owners; how do you keep up the motivation?