Monday, 16 January 2012


It is easy to make the plan to clean the studio....... But there are of course other things than the studio that need attention. So to realize the plan is a very different story. First we had to go and look for blinds for the laundry that we are in the middle of renovating and then the kids needed a LOT of encouragement to get their chores done and then....... Well, let us just say that I am very proud that I actually managed to spend a whole hour in the studio on Sunday. So I am not finished but at least I have started.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The way to a tidy studio

I am still working on the tidying up and organising. Doing little steps every day seems to work for me and I am actually very proud of my achievements so far. I have just received "The Clutter-Busting Handbook" that I bought on-line a week ago (From the Bookdepository in the UK). Great reading so far - keeps me motivated! I have not gotten to the de-cluttering of the studio yet. I have found a lot of stuff inside the house that should actually be in the studio and I have bought, saved and found containers to help sort out all the bits and pieces I have collected over the years. So tomorrow it is time to get started. My studio is in the garage and I share it with spiders who like to surprise me with their webs. I should probably tell you that I do NOT like spiders - I am working on accepting the fact that no matter how much I try to get rid of them that is not going to happen. At the moment there are a few "suprise"- webs that I need to remove. So I have to be brave tomorrow! Can't wait till it is all clean and tidy and ready for a new year's creative work.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

A new year

Wonder if you have any new year resolutions? My first one (yes, I have a few) is to get the house and my studio organized so I don't waste so much time trying to find stuff. Interesting to see if it makes a change at the end of the year.